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Looking beyond your keywords in your meta descriptions – JonGeek


Meta description is one of those old age SEO items in any website whether you are a small local business or a large corporation. Meta descriptions are as important as they ever were in the beginning of Search engine technology.Check out moz on meta tags

By no means am I an SEO copywriter I suck at any type of copy writing even when writing simple emails but this is a subject we have to put out there and discuss.

When creating title tags and descriptions within your pages on your website, you want to be able to describe in a limited amount of characters

  1. What that page is about
  2. What are you offering to the customer/end user
  3. How quickly can they get the information
  4. Why should they click on your page

Sometimes when I search on Google for any type of information or if I’m looking for a product I sometimes get mad at descriptions that include “ in this page you will find” or “Click here for more information”. This is no way a website that  I would ever click on.  I want my information to be available to me as fast as possible, especially if I am searching on queries  like “ what to do if my dog just ate chocolate”. Below you will find some valuable tips on optimising your meta tags.

Please Note:  I know this is items and some people would say this is not the article for me,  but be aware that even at the most advanced SEO level we miss some pages that can end up being very valuable to either your customer or to your employer.

Time to get crackin’ on those meta tags

  1. Okay so you have identify those keywords that are most valuable to your page and you’re stuck them all on your description and you’ll title tags please be careful with this,  remember you want to let the user know why your page is more valuable than the one on top of you and the one at the bottom of your SERPS. Try to  evaluate what keywords would work best for your page what is that one keyword and that one query ( Long tail Keyword)  that will bring you the valuable end goal you seek.  once you have identified as key word try to added once on the title and break it up within the description.
  2. Call-to-Actions on descriptions allow you to add a fast way for your customer to reach you. This does not apply to every single case but to smaller businesses that need or get business from calls can benefit from this tip. You want to be able to add your phone number within your description. This allows for the user to be able to know what phone number to call you immediately at the time they want to purchase.

Example:  Think of last minute purchasers for; Pizza, Smaller Motels or Hotels or even the nearest flower shop for those husbands that forgot their anniversaries.

  1. Last thing you want to be able to invest time in using rich snippets on your website they are also known as JSON – LD.  This markup language allows Google ( and other search engines ) to connect/Identify the most valuable information within your page and add it to their search queries. Imagine just  like I suggest above with the call to action inside the description this actually breaks out of your description and gets add to the search query as part of the valuable information within mobile searches and desktop searches. if you are an Ecommerce business Google Yahoo or Index is your price category bread crumbs and even product description within their search listings is the last for the user to have that quick information when they need it and how they needed so that they can make very fast decisions and increase your ROI. If intrested in more information visit or Unless you have a CMS like WordPress or a shopping cart system like Magento that includes plug-ins that will add this out of the box, Consult with your web developer on how much time this will take to implement.  

Note: As of 2016 this is also considered a schema ranking factor so it is one of those things that will allow you to be able to gain SERPS in the long run.
thank you for listening to me rant if you have any questions on any of the chips above feel free to add a comment and I will respond as soon as possible or you can always email me at [email protected]