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How to Spend Money on Improving Your Business

Sometimes when you’re growing your business, you may feel hesitant to spend extra money on that business. However, sometimes extra expenses can benefit your business in the long run. Your customers need to feel they’re getting the best service possible, your employees need to be trained, and your business tools need to be up to date. So, when you budget out the money you’ll be spending on your business for the year, include expenses that will help you improve your business.


The first important expense to take on in order to improve your business is marketing. Effective marketing strategies actually help your company gain more traction—more customers or clients. So, pay for a class on how to best market your business. Or hire a marketing team. Allot money to them for spreading the word about your business via social media and other means. Give them money to hold contests, raffle giveaways, and more. Pay for ads about your business on highly trafficked websites such as Google and Amazon. And don’t forget to pay for ads on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. These few money expenditures will take time and resources, but they’ll likely bring significant returns.

New Equipment

Next, invest money in new equipment for your company. New equipment may consist of many different types of equipment. Software is an important piece of new equipment that will greatly benefit your company. Software is constantly being improved. Having newer and more efficient software saves your employees and customers time. When their time is preserved, they can also be more efficient with their time by spending said time improving your business rather than waiting for a computer to process information. If your company deals with other equipment, do research on what newer pieces of equipment are available. Find out if what you’re using is outdated and slower. If it is, replace it. Though the replacement may be expensive initially, it will save you time and money in the long run.

Hire New Employees

Another great way to help improve your business is to hire new employees. If your business is growing and you have too much work for the number of employees you currently have, hire additional people to work for you. Yes, you’ll have to write an additional paycheck, but with the additional employees, you’ll be able to get more work done in a day. And of course, if you can get more work done in a day, you can make more money, replacing and likely adding to the money you’re spending by writing additional paychecks.

Redo Your Parking Lot

Another way to improve your business is to improve your parking lot. First off, the aesthetic appeal of a newly paved parking lot communicates to your customers that you’re professional. Customers are more likely to use your services or buy your products when they believe they can trust you, and something as simple as a nice parking lot can contribute to such trust. Furthermore, parking lots get worn down and cracked. So, they occasionally need maintenance. If you haven’t yet paved your parking lot and instead have a dirt parking lot, consider paying for it to be paved. A paved parking lot, again, appears more professional. It’s also more convenient for the customers because it’s less dirty and won’t become muddy or slushy due to inclement weather. Asphalt and concrete are both good options for paving the lot, although asphalt paving has higher maintenance costs than concrete paving. So, do some research to decide which type of pavement will be best for your parking lot.

Customer Service

Another important improvement expense is customer service. Your customers want to feel taken care of. They want to feel that they can get the information they need when they need it and that they can accomplish or purchase whatever they’re trying to accomplish or purchase. Therefore, spending money toward customer service is important. Train your employees who work in customer service how to be the best customer service reps.


Networking is another important expense that will help you improve your business. Take time to get to know other businesses. Make acquaintances with similar businesses who could connect customers to you and you to customers. Customers who enjoy working with one company will often ask for recommendations for other services they need. Therefore, if you’ve created a good relationship with many other companies, they can refer their clients to you, and you can do the same for them.

A Strong Team

Your team determines your success. If you have a hard-working, diligent, skillful team, you’ll have a much more successful business. So, invest in your team. Create incentives to help your employees be more productive. Find ways to inspire them and encourage them to build unity and community. Also, take time to find the employees you want. If you’re not 90% sure you want to hire an employee, keep looking for another one. You want employees who will bring the whole team up, not drag them down. Having good employees can make or break your business, so take time and resources to invest in a good, strong, unified team.

Consultants and Training

Lastly, your team’s ability to work effectively and efficiently will improve if you spend more time training them. With that, take more time to train yourself! Hire consultants to give you ideas of other ways to improve your business. Ask them questions about finance, leadership, teamwork, and more. Hire consultants to help you figure out how to improve your product or services. The consultants can be costly, but their ability to help your business is worth the cost.

Improving your business is important, but that costs money. The costs can feel painful, but they likely will bring you more income in the long run. Spend money to market your company more; purchase new, updated equipment and hire new and additional employees; redo your parking lot so it looks professional and is functional; spend money to improve your company’s customer service; make friends with other companies who can refer customers to you; and finally, spend time building a strong employee team and spend resources to hire consultants and better training for yourself and your employees. As you budget for these expenses, you’ll watch your company improve and your revenues increase.

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