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How much does SEO cost?

About a week ago I was talking to a friend about SEO and he was asking about what the ideal price is for SEO services. Is there a science behind it, A standard industry cost? He did say that many of the quotes he has acquired had been really expensive and some that were rather cheap, so it was confusing to determine the best services at the best price. the cost of SEO is a big question, and determining the cost depends on the amount of time you want dedicated to your site. Think about this, How much do you value your business and how strong do you want it to succeed?

Organic SEO

The process of Organic SEO is not a straight simple day to day job. It takes research, strategy building, many and many hours of outreach. Its a job in itself, it is not to be taken lightly either. The wrong “SEO analyst” can be buying Fiverr gigs and getting you really bad backlinks. they could be cutting corners because you decided to go for their low monthly bid. Organic SEO is a very important aspect of your digital campaign and should be treated as an asset. Almost like building a relationship with Google and showing Google how good you are and the value you represent to its searchers.

So who would you rather trust with your Digital marketing efforts? and how much are you willing to pay? A more transparent way to look at this is to negotiate an hourly rate. Think of working with a partner, freelance or agency that provides you with attention. Attention to detail, and attention to your business. Part of the SEO process is learning your industry and your competitors, it is doing the homework to create a unique road map to your success. Ask them what they will do for you, what they are looking to plan to help you build SERPS. If planning, process, and analytics is not part of their short term goal for your project then you know it might not be for you.

Paid Search

When it comes to paid search you have to set up a budget before hiring someone to manage your PPC. Setting a budget it mind can help you know what your monthly spend will be. Please remember the budget you set would be your daily spend not the fee for management of your PPC campaigns so when setting these goals and budgets take that into consideration. For paid search SEM’s usually charge flat fee’s, But hourly can also work for this. It takes Keyword research, budget management and optimization. When talking to a prospect PPC staratgist for your paid search campaign look out for these key words. They should be talking about strong call to actions or KPI’s, Conversions ( Quantifiable way to measure sales and success in PPC ), Bid Adjustments ( Part of the Optimization process), and keyword research. Remember PPC is a really important aspects and can really grow your bottom line, but when done wrong can be very wasteful and cost your business money it might not have to begin with. Be detailed and careful when deciding on a paid search partner. Here are a few paid search platforms most known for highest conversions or most known in the digital marketing industries;  Adwords, Bing Search and Facebook.

Wrap up

Determine the value of your business, and this will help you determine what you should price your SEO/SEM campaigns. Don’t hire lazy marketers and make them rich from your hard work ending up with you seeing no results. Pick a hard worker, a person that can take your marketing campaign and make it their own. That’s when you have a true winning partner in your business digital marketing goals.

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