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Parallax Site Design and the 4/21 SEO Mobile Update – Jongeek

Perhaps there are some of you who are wondering what a Parallax Site Design is. You’ve heard of them before, but everyone you know has simply assumed that you know what they are talking about. Let me just give you a basic explanation. The truth is that you do already know what a Parallax site is, but you haven’t realized it. If you’ve ever seen any website that uses a scrolling effect to give the screen a greater sense of depth then you’ve seen Parallax. If your focus remains on the background behind the logo on the webpage, or if you’ve ever seen a moving image across a header, then you have seen a Parallax site.

So much for what Parallax is, but now we come to the real reason you’re reading this article. You really want to try your hand at making one of these cool sites, but you are unsure about how it will look and run on your mobile device. For anyone who wants to join the club of Parallax web design, making sure that you have responsive web design is absolutely critical.

First and foremost when considering how to begin designing your Parallax website is to make sure that your entire design is conducive to speed. You know that many mobile users don’t have the time or the patience to look up a site on their phone that takes forever to upload because of poor design. One of the main reasons why certain sites are so slow is because of the images which are uploaded with too many pixels and consequently too large for any user to see from their phone.

Ideally, when designing a Parallax website for the Mobile, it is a good idea to keep it simplistic and clean. This doesn’t mean that you cannot incorporate some of the cool features that make Parallax what it is. If this is the beginning of your design process then you could possibly consider using something like Google material design which can be found here This is a very clean and fast design.

If you have already begun your website and would like to check it out on a mobile phone, you could also check out this site There is no reason why you cannot design a really cool Parallax website that is able to draw the user in from whatever device they have available. In your design process, make sure to include bold colors, imagery and intentional white space to provide contrast. Choosing your colors and shades carefully will also result in your Parallax website looking more enticing.

You can also include the motion that is Parallax. Users love to feel continuity and flow as they maneuver through the pages of your website and though they may be on a small mobile device, certain images can make the screen look much longer and deeper and so add to a much more favorable experience.