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Retargeting Fatigue – Don't Let your leads HATE you


Its been awhile since I wrote my last post, I have been busy at my current day job and been looking at ways to help them get their branding out there, But  unfortunately since they are a big company it has been hard to present them my strategy and it might not work. So currently I have been working on their inbound and PPC. Within the campaigns I have been seeing a considerable about of issues with customers coming back and then ignoring or not making a sale, or booking and still seeing our ads for 120 days and it does get annoying. This is called retargeting fatigue.

What is Retargeting Fatigue?

Its a current issue that has been plaguing a lot of big and small businesses alike, One banner does not win all, especially since the person could keep seeing your banner over and over again. It could become exhausting and bad reputation. So what could we do? See a study by

Change it up, Focus on your customer 

What’s in it for you customer? What problem are your solving? Think of what your company does and why they were looking at your business in the first place. What’s that one service, product, or interest that can remind them and get them back? If you own an ecommerce store, try to use dynamic ads. Dynamic ads are used on Adwords and Facebook through a product feed and you could target the user based on actions they took on your site. Service business? there is still hope. Consider changing up your ad every 2 weeks to show difference and re engage the person, Change colors and copy. If its a video, change the video up, you have the data of the customers that have come back before, why not personalize the video to that traffic.

Offer an incentive

Yes…those limited time offers work, it could be a reason for your customer to come back and finish the sale. As we have seen in the micro moments theory by Google, a customer is researching mostly on their downtime, if this is so, especially if the customer is shopping around, you could be right there when they are most in need. Some ideas include a limited time offer percentage off, Specialized campaign from seasonality, ( back to school, after christmas, summer sale ) Works and gets your customers re engaging with your brand.

Exclude your past customers

You heard me right, If you have pixels ( pixels is a java tracker by facebook ) installed on your site, or your doing leads ads, you could create excluded audience based on actions, or current paying customer. Sometimes remarketing could confuse your customer. let’s say you have them book at regular price and 2 weeks later you offer a 10% for new customers to the same customer that just subscribed or purchase. Really not fair to your new customer. Exclude your current client list and get better results and save money by not having to remarket to that same audience.

Don’t let your traffic go, but don’t be a pest with the same old banner design. refresh, renew and exclude and you will be able to optimize and get better results.