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Traditional Marketing Ideas to Supplement Your Digital Marketing Strategy

When it comes to figuring out the best advertising campaign, it can seem easy to spend all your time on your digital approaches. And while having a strong digital marketing campaign is incredibly important, you shouldn’t neglect some of the more traditional approaches. Thinking about these approaches can help you think of the best strategies for your company.

Direct Mail

One of the main ways of reaching potential clients outside of the internet is through direct mail. This can be an effective method because your advertisements will go directly to your clients’ homes.

But when it comes to figuring out what to send, it’s important to create a specific strategy for the types of information to send out. If you send out advertisements too frequently, you risk annoying those on your senders’ list. You should also try to include some form of promotion in your advertisements—not only does this motivate customers to take a look at your products, but it also helps them feel that the advertisements they get in the mail aren’t junk mail.

Outdoor Advertisements

Use billboards or car advertisements as well. You must think carefully about the best areas of a given city to advertise in because you want to make sure that a large number of people see your ad every day.

If you’re thinking about putting an advertisement on a car, make sure it will not damage your car and will have a positive enough effect to warrant the time-consuming process of wrapping a car. It can take up to two weeks to wrap a vehicle depending on the size. 


Another way to advertise products is to set up booths in high-traffic areas with free stuff to hand out. If you are opening a new boutique, you could have a wheel that visitors can spin to win a free prize if they follow your company on Instagram.

If you want to advertise your up-and-coming restaurant, hand out free samples of food on the blocks around the restaurant. Giving out free stuff generally tends to be a positive way to attract potential clients.

When it comes to figuring out an advertising campaign, there are a million things you can do. But in the process of planning out your campaign, don’t forget about some of the more traditional approaches! This article can get you off on the right foot as you figure out how to best reach your clients.

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