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Want to Expand Your Restaurant Franchise? 3 Things You’re Going to Need

Loyalty to a restaurant or restaurant franchise is a popular social stamp for people today, who feel like restaurants send a message about their personality based on the vision or mood of the restaurant itself. If you are looking to expand your franchise, you will want to utilize this customer loyalty to increase your popularity! Here are a few things that will foster that loyalty to your company.

An App

Having an app for your business that offers customers a sort of loyalty rewards program can be a great way to gain and maintain that dedication to your restaurant. Promotional offers are a huge draw, and allowing your customers to feel like they’re getting special treatment by being a part of your “inside circle” will encourage them to spread the word about your business and its impressive deals. It also allows for heightened accessibility in today’s society: curbside ordering, delivery, and simply the lack of social interaction that some find appealing are all options with an app. It also allows for easy customization of the order, which is a plus for many consumers. This will make customers more likely to feel comfortable, and therefore more likely to revisit often.

Standardized Processes

Uniformity across all your locations is another important aspect of franchise development. If people do come to your restaurant because they like the vibe or aesthetic, they will expect that vibe and aesthetic to be present at every location. You may consider using process mapping to help determine those elements of uniformity in aesthetic, structure, leadership, and delivery. Process mapping is a key part of quality management, which is an essential part of the recipe for success that makes franchises such an attractive business model.

Smart Marketing Strategies

A key part of expansion for any business, including restaurants, is marketing. Marketing gets your name and brand and vision out to a broad audience while tailoring that message to resonate specifically with their target audience. Decide what kind of mood you want people to have concerning your company, and then decide what mediums of messaging will best express that mood and to what people. Social media is a great way to quickly and affordably reach a large audience, but advertisements, partnerships in the community, and promotional events or offers may also be something to consider to increase your brand recognition. The more customers you draw in, the more that word-of-mouth will do its job in increasing your reach. That means more desire for restaurants in more areas!

Your expansion relies heavily on building popularity and loyalty with your customers. Use these things to get you there! Doing these things will help you to expand your restaurant business to where you want it to be. 

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