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Software Development Trends That You Actually Should Follow

Technology is at the heart of modern business, science, entertainment, and education. For all that tech to work as it should, you need dedicated programmers generating software. As with every industry, the programming world continues to change, developing new languages and applications. As new consumer needs arise, the way that programmers take on their tasks and the areas on which they focus are also subject to change.

Artificial Intelligence

In the past, programmers were asked to develop software that told a computer what to do. It might be a game or a word processing program, but it was limited by the boundaries of the programming. Today, more programmers are challenged to create software that can learn, analyze and produce unexpected results. Such software requires complex algorithms that can search through mountains of data and find patterns that a human user might miss. According to Emerj, as these AI programs develop, they are becoming more sophisticated, making connections that change the way we understand our world.


Agile software development is not so much about what is produced but how it is produced. Programmers developed this process to address the lack of connection among programmers on a project team and clients. According to ZenAgile, agile is meant to break down large or complex projects into manageable pieces of usable value and provide your teams with feedback throughout the process. An important piece of the agile process is connecting with the client regularly. Rather than waiting until the project is finished, the client can comment on the progress as the software is built. This way, if there are issues with the software or changes the client needs, they can be addressed early on in the programming process.

Low Code Development

Many schoolchildren get an introduction to computer science using a drag-and-drop interface. They can see how programming works before learning any language. According to Kissflow, low code development is a trend that addresses the complexity of programming. Professional programmers need extensive knowledge of several languages. This sets the bar for software development at a high level. Low code development allows users with lower programming skills to create simple programs using a graphical interface. Each block they add to their program represents a block of code running in the background.

Modern software development is no longer a matter of a lone programmer typing away at his or her terminal. New ways of programming are opening the field to a larger population. As more of our everyday reality becomes dependent on technology, the ways to develop software will continue to transform.

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