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Social Media 101 for Businesses

Social media has quickly become the best way for businesses to reach and interact with consumers. Today, customers expect an online presence to introduce them to various products, services, and the brands and visions that give depth to said products and services! Here are a few ways to take advantage of the many benefits of social media, allowing your company to more fully reach its potential for exposure, sales, and overall success.

Claim Your Business

The first thing any business needs to establish within its market is its name and brand. Use social media to do so! Claim your business’s name and its value using a strong profile, demonstrating why you are worth paying attention to. What is your vision? Why are you different? What do you offer that other companies don’t, or how do you offer it in a different way than the rest? What social philosophies do you focus on, emphasize, and support? You are targeting an audience of individuals who are (more than ever before) looking for ways to identify with your company in order to trust you into giving you their business. Claiming your unique spot in the business world will help you maintain customer curiosity that can do more to invite consumers into your clientele than many other tools.

Post Regularly

Offer your viewers content that helps them understand clearly what you offer to them (and the rest of the world.) Create a content schedule that lays out the topics of information or kinds of content that are relevant to your company. Consistent exposure to your business and its vision draws attention back to your company repeatedly, fostering an interest and loyalty that is necessary for successful business longevity. Mix up your material to keep it engaging, and take advantage of the analysis tools that will show you what kind of things your consumers are most interested in so that you can adapt your marketing strategies—or even your products themselves—to the expectations of your customers!

Promote Your Products

Of course, some of the content you produce and post should be promotional for your business and your cause! Social media collects data about each individual user to determine the kinds of ads that will be most interesting and most relevant to them. This helps you narrow the broad, worldwide audience that social media provides access to, into a more targeted and lucrative audience! Devote some time and resources into creating effective ads for your products and services. You can even sell your products directly from social media sites now! Billions of people actively check their social media accounts daily—this means at least millions of potential views on your advertisements, leading to more clicks, more sales, and more profits.

Increase Website Visits

In every post, ad, temporary story or bio, include hyperlinks. Make visiting your central business site easy! The more steps it takes to get a consumer from curious to committed, the less likely they will be to ever get there. Connecting your social media directly to any webpage from which you sell products, describe updates, or provide informational content will increase the number of website visits you get. This hooks customers into your company, and consequently increases your chances for loyal customers in the long run.

Create Partnerships, Ambassadors, Etc

Another purpose (or, at least, side effect) of social media is to lead social trends. “Influencers” have a tight hold on customer desires, expectations, and opinions. Use this to your advantage by creating partnerships with well known, well respected individuals or organizations. If you can get these popular social icons to promote and support your company, to become “ambassadors” for your cause and demonstrate the value and quality and success of your product or service, their followers will flood to your door to live similarly! Partnerships are mutually beneficial—you receive a significant boost in customer population and customer interest, and they receive some income for their efforts from your business.

Interact With Customers

The “social” aspect of social media offers you an opportunity to interact with customers and address the questions, comments, and concerns that need to be resolved to maintain their interest! Ask questions on your social media sites. You may receive thousands of bits of input that is valuable, even essential, to your growth and development as you work out the bugs in customer experience that need to be eliminated. Responding to their comments also makes the customers feel seen and heard and appreciated! Thank them for their input, compliment their taste, validate their concerns and commit to improving your business. Interactions build bonds and respect that will gain you serious points over your competitors.

Don’t be deterred by social media’s vast reach and impact. Social media can be a strength to your company as it establishes your business’s place in a competitive market, and allows you to work with customers in innovative and engaging ways!

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