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SEO 101—What You Need to Know about Keywords

SEO is an essential part of running a modern business, but if you haven’t used it before, it can feel a little bit overwhelming. Luckily, SEO is just about using the best keywords to reach your audience and grow your business. Figuring out what terms your potential customers are likely to choose can help you to harness the power of SEO.

What They’re For

Keywords help you to reach your audience in the best way possible. Results in online searches need to be organized somehow, and that’s how good keywords can help you to get higher placement in searches. Things called crawlers sift through websites to find what is most applicable to particular search terms. Keywords are essential to crawlers and allow them to index websites for search engines. Having the right keywords can help you to move to the top of search results which makes your site much easier to find.

Emphasizing Location

One way to help your site move higher in applicable search results is to use location-based SEO. This is where you use keywords related to your area to help give your site a bump in local searches. This will have an impact when customers look for companies “near me” or in your specific area. Many customers find the businesses they want to frequent by looking online using their mobile device, focusing on the businesses near their current location. That makes location-related keywords essential to your SEO process.

How to Make Them Look Natural

The most important part of SEO is that you want to incorporate your keywords into relevant content so that your keywords look natural. If you have great keywords but content that is useless to your customers and they seem out of place, they aren’t likely to return to your site. You want to choose great keywords and incorporate them into relevant content that will help your business to generate visits not just from the initial search but into the future. The more natural your use of keywords is, the more effective your keywords will be able to be for bringing in potential customers.

SEO can help your business to be easier to find and make it easier for you to bring in new customers. When incorporating keywords, make sure to create new content regularly using those keywords so your business can stay on top of search results. The best SEO is consistent, so you can reach your customers no matter when they search online.

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