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Micro Moments in Paid Search

It’s been a while since the last time I wrote but I have been learning all about my new role at uBreakiFix. I love the business, awesome culture and great leadership. It has literally been the best job I have had in years.

Let’s get started on Micro Moments and PPC, As we know already, Micro moments are moments that answer a question/query that a user may have. Example, “Where is the nearest bake shop?” or “How do I fix my blender?” each question in a different phase of the customer journey.

Four Basic questions:

  • I want to know
  • I want to go
  • I want to do
  • I want to buy

How do we use this to power our PPC Campaigns?

Depending on your industry there is a lot of planning and deployment we can do to start powering up your PPC strategy

Let’s Break it up

  • Make a map of the “moments” that are within your specific industries, From the “I have a problem” up to the “I want to buy”
  • At each moment understand what the customer needs at that exact time
  • Once you know where the customer lies within your map, Make adjustments to your ppc campaigns, for instance adding the location extension if they want to visit your shop.
  • Optimize for your moments, Understand your users and try to find channels within those moments to influence your customers to “I want to buy” “now”

How Do I Deploy them?

Start digging into your GA account and find keywords that match those of the map you made, Examples could be “Computer Repair Shop Near My Home” or “iPhone Glass Fix Near Me”. Once you have isolated those keywords on Excel try to order them by impressions/clicks and separate them by themes. The “How’s” The “where’s” ect.

You might not have many but its ok, Once you have themed them, Add them separate campaigns or if you have a small amount of keywords you’re a “moments” campaign and separated by adgroup, each with its own way of targeting the customer within their moments in the journey.

Take it a step further: Add relevant landing pages that answer their question

Happy Bidding!