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Low-Cost Marketing Strategies for Businesses Just Starting Out

Unlike a Fortune 500 company, your business needs a chance to grow a bit before having a multi-million dollar advertising department. You might prefer it this way because it’s much more hands-on. However, this also means your hands have to be on a lot of things, and quickly, to do all of your own marketing. What are some strategies you can use as your business is starting, to market effectively?

Content Marketing

Your website has to have excellent content, and this extends to all social media sites as well. Your goal is to access as many eyes as possible, with the hope that some will be interested in your ongoing services. This means not only generating content that goes along with your brand image and goals for your company but also demonstrating your expertise in what you do. This helps your SEO, search engine optimization, by showing you have new content, which helps your rankings on search engines. You want to turn up first, and to have good rankings.

Enlist Your Customers

Along with your SEO rankings, it’s critical to gain word-of-mouth marketing. This is the most organic, and perhaps most effective marketing: to have people tell others how awesome you are and what great work you do! One way to enlist your customers is to start a referral marketing program. This can be as simple as requesting them to fill out your ratings on Google Business or to forward information to someone who might enjoy it.

Social Media Branding

Your branding on social media drives eyes to the content on your website, and this means you need to have beautiful images and a consistent brand. If one social media website has a formal branding approach for your company, and another is casual and sarcastic, neither are incorrect strategies, but customers can get confused! You want all of your brand to be standard across all sites, to show the personality you want your team to exude as well. 

Your marketing team might be made up of only you, but there’s no need to be overwhelmed. If you need assistance creating content, there are many artists, writers, and social media marketers who excel at helping companies just like your own. Keep going and working on your brand, and establish the image you want to have in the marketplace.

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