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How to Use Your Customers to Generate New Leads

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In the world of business, it is always a good idea to use all of the tools you have at your disposal. One of those tools is your current customers. One great thing current customers can do is bring in new customers. Through current customers, you can make new connections and expand your network in meaningful ways.

Ask for Reviews

Reviews are an important part of bringing in new leads, and without a little prompting, many customers forget to leave reviews. Asking your customers for reviews is a great way to ensure that you have tons of positive reviews for potential customers to see. Having reviews on social media can even help you to improve your SEO which will bring you up on searches and make it easier for new clients to find you. Don’t hesitate to ask for a review when a customer buys a product or you have a positive interaction, because those reviews can have a profound effect on your future business.

Reward Referrals

If you can encourage your customers to refer others to your business, it can go a long way towards making your business more successful. People tend to trust their family and friends with recommendations, so referral marketing can be a powerful tool. Set up a rewards program that shows your customers appreciation for the referrals they give and also encourages their return to use those rewards. When you do this, it can help you to get new customers and to get more return traffic from the customers you already have.

Encourage Customer Interaction on Social Media

Social media can be a great tool for generating new leads through your current customers. By getting customers to like, share, and comment on social media posts, you can make connections with their friends and family and generate possible leads. Hosting a contest on social media can be an especially great way to get customer participation and to encourage your current customers to refer friends and family. Try setting up a contest around a holiday or event to take full advantage of the attention your business is generating.

No matter what business you are in, it is always helpful to have loyal customers who bring you new clientele. Work to build strong relationships with your current customers so you don’t miss out on the potential for growth that lies within the customers you have already connected with.

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