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How to Use Psychology in Your Marketing Campaign

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An effective marketing campaign appeals to people in a way that pulls them in. Understanding how people work and what appeals to them is crucial to a successful campaign. Although people are complex, there are simple steps you can take to better reach a broad audience.

Use Color

Even something as simple as changing a color can have a profound effect on your marketing campaign. Color can invoke emotions and steer decisions. Different colors are associated with different feelings. For example, bright red is often seen as intense while light purple can have a calming effect. People have also used color to indicate which product the gender is made for, although current trends are moving away from that practice. Color can also be used to enhance your brand by choosing colors that fit the tone. You can also use a different color to draw attention to certain words or objects.

Repeat Messages

The typical person is forgetful and will need to see or hear something more than once. In fact, Messages can take 7 to 20 times until they stick with a customer. The best way to combat this is to repeat your main points over different platforms or create a slogan to help customers recognize your brand. The more a person sees or hears about your brand, the more likely they are to take their money to you over other companies. However, the repetition needs to occur relatively close to one another to have the desired effect.

Design Flow

If your marketing is on a paper ad or anything visual, you need to pay attention to your layout. When someone looks at something they will normally read the top first and then go down the left side before looking anywhere else. Logos are another important part of a design that is influenced by psychology. Different shapes, like different colors, dictate other emotions and can send a different message about your company. You want your design to do the work for your customers, so they know where to look and what is the most important.

A carefully formed marketing campaign can become much more effective if utilized correctly. Psychology gives an insight into how your customers think and what they are drawn to. All you have to do is take the information given to you and start maximizing your marketing capabilities.

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