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How to Strengthen Your Business Through Better Hiring Practices

Hiring is one of the most important ways you strengthen your business. Hiring the wrong people can waste a lot of time, money, and effort. Hiring the perfect person for the job can strengthen the company in an incredibly meaningful way.

Be More Specific in the Description

The more specific your description, the likelier you are to get the right candidates applying for the position. According to The Job Network, as you think about how to make your different job postings more specific, you should think about the whole picture of the posting. Yes, you should absolutely go into detail about the required qualifications and the preferred experience.

But you should also try to make the tone of the posting match the workplace values and environment. If your environment is incredibly professional, make it sound professional. If you have a more laid back, fun vibe, communicate that in the posting as well.

Create Greater Diversity

Emphasizing the importance of diversity in the workplace will only strengthen your company. According to CMOE, diversity in hiring practices can help develop a stronger talent pool. As you think about how to promote diversity in hiring practices, consider doing two things: first, have hiring committees instead of individuals in charge of hiring. Why do this? Because a diverse group of individuals is less likely to pick or not pick someone based on unconscious bias.

Second, as a hiring committee, be very specific about what your top priorities are for the candidate. Defining these priorities as a group forces a group to analyze each candidate looking for those specific traits instead of inadvertently swaying their priorities based on unconscious bias.

Do More Outreach

According to Lumen Learning, one of the best ways to get the kinds of people you really want on your team is to reach outward and recruit at a variety of different places. While you may already be performing different types of standard recruiting at various college campuses, consider other more creative options as well.

Additionally, outreach can be one of the best ways to try and strengthen the diversity in the workplace by going to women’s organizations or organizations for minority groups and recruiting there.

Implementing these ideas can help you build a more diverse and talented group of team members. And while most of these practices can be implemented instantaneously, be prepared to see change over the long game. These changes really will make a difference, but you have to give them time.

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