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How to Make Your Products More Relevant to Customers

The purpose of a “business” (or characteristics of an effective one) is to offer something with the consumer in mind. If consumers find no relevance for the product or service you are offering, you make no sales. Here are a few ways you can keep your products relevant to customer needs, thereby gaining their attention and their business.

Solve a Problem

Identify what exactly people are looking for! Often, business ideas come from an experience that demonstrates a need for change, evolution to make life (or at least the little events that make up life) easier. Your product or service should be a solution to a problem that many face. The more versatile you can make that solution, the more likely one is to accept it as a beneficial addition to their lifestyle. Furthermore, the more you can spin the problem to apply to as many circumstances as possible, the more interest you will gather from a wider audience of needy customers!


Do Research

Research can help you increase sales and gain new customers. Learn about the specifics of the issues you are attempting to solve with your business: what kind of people need this most often? What does the rest of their lifestyle look like? What are other competitor companies doing well, and what do you offer that they do not? How can you frame an experience around your product or service that customers can create an emotional response to? Gather as much data as you can about these questions and all others that teach you about what sells well, and how you can expand your product to be relevant to as many people as possible.


Make it Personal

One characteristic element of society today is the desire to personalize, to create one’s own “brand”. Find ways to tailor your product to their wants, as well as their needs! Offering a variety of “packages,” customizations, and unique meaning allows your product to be personalized. The best way to be in is to stand out with an experience consumers can brag about. Things as simple as color can be a draw! Highlighting the special elements of your business invites a sort of pride as investors that your consumers can claim. This also helps customers feel special, noticed, and cared about!


Provide a product that your consumers can recognize as universally impressive, functional, and all their own. These elements cast a huge net over the consumer crowd, and will pull in more than a basic product or service could on its own!

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