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How to Get Your Online Presence to Conform to Your Rebrand

A rebrand for a business takes commitment, time, and resources. Without the proper commitment, a rebrand will be unsuccessful and a waste of time. If you want to succeed, conforming your online presence to your rebrand is a huge factor in fully committing to the new business brand. Get your online presence to match up with your new brand with the following steps!

Change Your Social Media Profiles 

Social media is an excellent resource for sharing your personality, interacting with customers, and marketing your business. When your business experiences a rebrand, those changes will need to be reflected in your social media profiles. Change your social media profiles with new images, name, description, and anything else that better matches the rebrand. A new logo, color scheme, and voice may be necessary to help with the new brand you want to portray. If you also identify your area of expertise, create engaging content, and stay consistent, your social media is sure to match your new brand image.

Redo Your Website 

Your website is your digital business storefront. A rebrand of your business means you will need to redo your website to better reflect the new brand as well. Website name, logo, color scheme, and published articles will likely need to change. If needed, you can use the WordPress reset plugin to clear your entire website before starting over. Get a fresh start with aesthetic, organization, and more effective publications to better reach your target market with your new brand.

Create New Branded Content 

What you post online is directly associated with your online reputation. A customer’s perception will be altered by what they read about you, if you steer them in the wrong direction, they will be unlikely to return. A rebrand is typically done to improve the public’s perception of you. Make sure you improve common perceptions by increasing the quality of content that you publish across all platforms, including the voice you use. Make sure your content is professional, accurate, factual, and helpful. High quality content is more effective than high volume content.

Whether you are a traditional brick and mortar shop or a modern business that relies solely on online marketing, every business needs to curate an effective online presence. A successful rebranding starts with an effective digital reboot. Get your online presence to conform to your rebrand by changing social media profiles, redoing your website, and posting high quality content across all platforms.

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