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How to Get 100% From Your Team


One of the first things an individual learns when promoted or hired into a leadership position is that your success relies on your team’s effectiveness. The better your team communicates and understands each other, the stronger your team becomes. This type of encouragement for innovation and expression often produces the best results. The following list details some of the reasons and methods to create an efficient team and get everything out of them.

Unite Your Team

One of the most important things about a team’s success rate is if everyone is on board with the game plan. Thus, a leader should not blind themselves with their own vision that they stifle innovation and overall creativity from their team. Uniting your team behind a project is the first step to seeing great results. One of the best ways to do this is to hold a town hall-style meeting. Employees are allowed to speak on concerns, suggestions and other topics relating to the project. This allows everyone to be united under one goal rather than a blurry vision of one.

Instill a Sense of Purpose

Uniting your team behind a goal as we said is the first step. The second is to provide each member with the ability to have a sense of purpose. One of the many ways this can be accomplished is by scouting who your top performers are in each department. Workplace coaching can help free up the top performer inside each individual. This will allow you to assign team members to assignments that fit their level of skills and talent.

Demonstrate Praise

Leaders will often say that they wish they could reward their top employees with a bonus or raise but that their budget simply doesn’t allow it. Although the monetary gain is no doubt seen as a motivator, the fact is that something as simple as saying “Good Job” can be enough for a team member to be motivated to work harder. Praise is often overlooked in the workplace, and thus, employees begin to feel unappreciated and invisible to their co-workers and boss. 

The list above demonstrates that there are a plethora of ways to get your team 100 percent on board. Often your employees will simply appreciate your yearning to make things better. So, what are you waiting for? Implement these changes and see those amazing results come in.

Now that you know how to get 100 percent from your team, make sure your marketing efforts are also up to the task. Message me to learn how I can give your business a competitive edge.