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How to Control the Conversation Around Your Business

There are certain elements of your business that are outside of your control. The overall economy, saturation of your market, and the community around you are good examples of this. The conversation about your business used to be one of these things, but with digital media, you have more control over attitudes toward your company than ever before.

Start Conversations on Social Media

Perhaps the most obvious way you can control communication of your product is by posting on social media. You can see what viewers are saying about you, talk directly with them, and create new campaigns that can be shared across the Internet. Posting a funny advertisement that doesn’t degrade your company would be a good way to gain audience attention.

If you want to highlight a specific part of your business (a new menu item or product, for example) you can ask audience members what they think about it. Your followers could easily be excited, and this excitement will interest other people.

Proactive Marketing

Likewise, you can also use other forms of marketing to start conversations about your company. Some of the newest companies can become successful so long as they are proactive in the different facets of their company.

Businesses that are proactive about building a reputation are more likely to have a higher rating. People won’t be satisfied or glad that you have a positive reputation, they will come to expect it from you. Having a positive stigma associated with your company can easily drive more traffic through your doors without adding in more work!

Get Ahead of Bad Press

The unfortunate side effect of having more control of your messaging is that other people might try to throw some dirt your way—whether true or not. If you fear that your company might be in some hot water, getting ahead of potentially bad press can allow you more control over what people say about you.

If the news is false, it can be effective to lean into the lie and try to turn it into something positive. For example, when Subway was sued over their tuna sandwich not actually containing fish, Subway gave a free sandwich coupon to everyone to try the dish for themselves. They had more control, and came out on top over the lies. If you’re unsure, counsel with your lawyers and publish an apology.

Your business is under your control. Don’t let the unstable market and uncertainty fool you. Get ahead of issues, be proactive, and use digital tools. You’ll have a better marketing campaign this way.

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