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Business Shortcuts That Help You Stay Focused on the Important Things

Let’s face it: your time is valuable as a business owner. You have to worry about inventory, business payments, and overall hiring procedures. Some things are too tedious for you to worry about—they might even be too tedious for a new employee. Finding shortcuts for your work can help you stay channeled on the most important things!

Automatic Billing

Getting autopay set up each month will drastically increase the amount of time you can spend on future business strategies. Most payment technologies are easy to set up and worthwhile for your time. On top of that, your employees and landlord will be glad that you never skip a payment on accident—reinforcing their confidence in you as their boss.

If you aren’t sure how to get automatic billing set up, contact a financial advisor or the software company you process payments through. They should have a load of FAQs related to the procedure, but if necessary, you should be able to contact an employee.



Pre-written templates can be used for essential documents and records. While it may seem like a cheat in some circumstances, using a template also means you are less likely to accidentally leave out important information. This sort of consistency will make your business more professional and accurate with different business dealings.

Make sure that the employees writing the templates know the information that needs to be transcribed. Keep all template files in a folder connected to your companies’ cloud, so you don’t lose them if something were to happen to your company database. You will be glad you created them.


Live Chat

Setting up live chat on your website can make your job a lot easier. Not only this but coming up with a help center that predicts customer questions based on the page they are on conserves resources long-term. You no longer have to have people on-call 24/7 to answer the same old questions your business always gets.

Your company writers will have to determine what questions are most commonly asked. They will also have to create pre-written responses and articles to customer concerns. Developing this live chat may take some time and care, but it is well worth it when the alternative is disappointing the consumer.


Taking steps to reduce monotonous tasks for yourself and your employees should be a priority in your company. Time is valuable, and you want your workers to be doing things that matter—such as growing your brand or writing meaningful content. Getting rid of monotony is a worthwhile task.

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