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3 Tips to Creating Awesome Facebook Ads


Below are some of the strategies I use when creating Facebook ads

1.) Research, Research Research

Many times I have found inspiration from other ads, what my competitors are doing or what has been proven successful to others, I find a lot of education from boards like, my other favorites that I use daily are Adespresso & Moat.

If you have the the money, SEMRUSH has a lot of competitive research it compiles on display and videos ads, although its mostly for search based or display based campigns, there is still value in what the ads talk about and when your competitors are putting it out there.

2.) A/B test

I use Adespresso to create multiple ads for A/B testing, But in order to determine what would be the best A/B test you need to first figure out what your copy will be, and who your targeting. Once you have a a ballpark Idea, you can put your copy and targeting to the test, but remember to choose how many ads to test, the more ads you test the lower the amount of money you have to test per ad.  On another note, don’t just wait an hour and try to optimize, wait, give it time, sometimes cost does not equal to better CPA’s. I suggest waiting to get at least 500 clicks to determine what ads to pause.

3.) Headlines Matter

A research done by concluded that 70% of facebook users only read the headlines 

Make it good!

Your doing A/B tests anyway so why not test your copy and see how it performs with different headlines, Copy can make or break your CTR rates. To make things even better, there has been isolated research that shows that when your ad text, image text and even your headline all show the same message it gives the best results.

Last but not least

Copy is very important to your ad, I try to use behavioral trigger words to make my ad copies pop out, Check out this study for more ( can also be used to increase CTR on Adwords search text ads )

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